[PD] PiDiP 0.12.10

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Oct 29 09:35:25 CET 2003


this release is just intended to improve
performances, because i'm always looking
for a configuration that would be able
to play back 7 320x240 movies
with an acceptable framerate (  mm, 20 frames/sec ?? ).

although it has been optimized,
this is still not the case with PDP/PiDiP,
well, on my machine.

if you know of a tool (linux ) that can do that,
please let me know.

well, for now, here are the updates :

  added pdp_xcanvas : pdp_canvas + pdp_xv in one ( for performances 
reasons )
  optimized pdp_canvas ( but overlapping has disappeared )
  added pdp_fqt : fast quicktime reader ( frames are cached in memory 
and no audio decoding )
  added pdp_fcqt : fast quicktime reader ( same as pdp_fqt but frames 
are compressed )
  added help patches for pdp_yqt, pdp_fqt and pdp_fcqt
  adaptations for newer autoconfs


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