[PD] Simple spectrum grapher in PD?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Oct 29 16:38:54 CET 2003

hi Larry,

you could take a look at vectral~/Scope~ method used in max/msp
or cyclone -- with zooming, smoothing, etc.  There are some
examples (pink~ and spectrum-pm cyclone's test patches).


Larry Troxler wrote:
> I searched the FFT examples directory in the doc, and can't find exactly what 
> I'm looking for, which a patch that will periodically do an fft and write the 
> spectrum to an array. This would be just for rough monitoring purposes - it 
> would be fine if the FFT were only computed once per second for example, with 
> a fairly small frame size, and the result written to an array for graphical 
> viewing. I imagine that this is a reasonable and common request, but I can't 
> find anything in the examples that does this. 

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