[PD] Announces of Performances ??

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Oct 30 21:45:54 CET 2003

luigi rensinghoff hat gesagt: // luigi rensinghoff wrote:

> I have benn hanging around here for a while, trying to
> get my system running, but most of you have a running
> system !
> So what i would like to know:
> Do you announce performances that you give, or is
> there another Board somewhere.

There also is the list pd-announce, but I would see no problem if
anyone announces performances here, too. pd-announce is more a list
for people who *only* want to see the important announcements without
the whole pd-list traffic. Oh, and dont forget to add it as news to
pure-data.org, then.

> I Would be very much interested to see if there are
> some "musicians" too out there, or just
> computer-freaks ???

Unfourtunatly too often "the computer" gets in the way of doing real
music. This is especially true for "limitless" systems like Pd (Max,
jMax, csound,...), where you easily get lost in playing around too

BTW: Maybe you want to visit the "Pd Staminee" in Gent/Belgium
("Stammtisch") in two weeks, as well? I think, I'll go there.

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