[PD] Announces of Performances ??

Michal Seta mis at creazone.32k.org
Fri Oct 31 03:02:22 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 13:55, luigi rensinghoff wrote:
> One Question to all of you ! 
> Do you announce performances that you give, or is
> there another Board somewhere.

I usually announce here, but obviously I don't perform often :/

> I Would be very much interested to see if there are
> some "musicians" too out there, or just
> computer-freaks ???

I'm a musician that's kinda a computer freak...  More a musician,
though, I guess.

You can poke around www.creazone.32k.org and listen to some music there
(particularly UniSexe and MiS) if you want to hear what could be done
with pd.

      __  __ (_)___   Michal Seta
     / 	\/  \ _/^ _|
    /  	     V |_  \ @creazone.32k.org

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