[PD] More Gem help for Blockhead-Me please?

Wade McDaniel pdman at aproximation.org
Thu Oct 30 21:42:01 CET 2003

Hello pd-listers~

I was hoping someone could tell me if pix_data can read from a openGl chain (e.g. from the rasterization frame) or if it only works with objects like pix_video?

Im writing a patch that will eventually read from a pix_video object and map that onto a cube that fills the screen, and read pixeldata from that, but as I dont have my camera now, I want to test my patch by moving a cube around in 3-space and testing the fields of pixels the patch is looking at in the window. I cant get any data from pix_data with a white cube sitting right in the middle of the window.

I tried x:400 y:300 (screen dimentions are 800x600) and x:0.5 y:0.5, both failed.

I have the chain hooked up as follows:

and I tried:
  |       \
[cube]   [pix_data]

both failed...

Also, B. Bogart said that I can change the bounding box of gem by using the [view< message. Whats the syntax for that message? Thanks for the help B and everyone!


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