[PD] Gem instalation troubles w/ XP (newbie)

juan maristany pixelcrash at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 05:22:55 CET 2003

hello list
try as i may, I can not get gem to load with PD
i'm running  w2k SP4 upgarded to windows XP (not SP1) ,direct X  9.0
my structure set up  C:\pd\gem-0.87\GemLibs
i think i followed the instalation directions, i used the syntax in ("Using GEM with pd")
pd\bin\pd -lib /pd/gem/Gem (I changed gem-0.87 to gem and GemLibs to Gem) and ran
as they came too,but nothing.
(this is the error i get) /pd/gem/Gem: can't load libary

i also extracted glut 3.7.6(glut 32) to my winnt\system
i guess what i really dont understand is 
1.where exactly to put the GemLibs folder?
2.where to put the gem .dll from gem-bin-0.87? do ineed this?
3.am i going to need an enviroment variable? syntax please?
if anybody could help me out,suggestions,links to instalation tutorials would be great
i know these are real basic questions (sorry) i have been reading the manual and understand
what things do in gem,but the install has me stumped.
thank you in advance.

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