[PD] [PD]RE: OSC begginer,havent seen any help

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Fri Oct 31 13:28:42 CET 2003

cheers for that martin, I got it working , but I think I'm going to have to
use OSC as Im currently doing a project on music jamming over a network, I
tried changing netsend to sendOSC and netrecieve to dumpOSC but it doesnt
allow me to connect
you wouldnt know the problem no?
cheers for the help anyway

On a single machine you can use "localhost" or "" for the address.
The port number can be any number up to 65535 that isn't being used for
something else, which in practice usulally means a number above 1024 (http
uses 80, ftp uses 21, etc...). Examples often use 9999. You could also use
netsend and netreceive (see attachments) if you don't need the OSC namespace
stuff. That way you can send anything at all. If nothing happens, remember
you have to send a connect message first to the send object.
Adrian deCleir wrote: > sorry about this but Im a real begginer with pd and
OSC , I just want to > perform the simple task of sending a note or numbers
or anything to myself > using OSC, after that I'll move on to sending it to
other pcs on the LAN, > I've went through the patches and stuff shich werent
much help as I dont > fully understand what to do. > My question is where do
I start , from scratch that is, as in how do I find > out what port to use
or what IP address, Im pretty sure I know what IP > address to use as its
written already in my network connection settings, > And by the way I do
know what each object does but I dont know how to > implement it, even just
to send a message to mysel so I'd have an > understanding of the basics >
cheers for any help > Adrian > ps I've looked through past posts 

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