[PD] OSC begginer,havent seen any help

Rory Walsh rorytheroar at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 17:08:36 CET 2003

Sorry this is a little off Adrian's thread but
speaking of OSC does anyone know if I can download the
OSC Kit for windows, I can only find one for Mac or
UNIX? I want to allow Pd to send audio to some of my
own audio applications and was hoping that adding OSC
support to my apps could do the trick? Or am I missing
the whole concept of the OSC Protocol? 

--- Adrian deCleir <0031259 at student.ul.ie> wrote: >
cheers for that martin, I got it working , but I
> think I'm going to have to
> use OSC as Im currently doing a project on music
> jamming over a network, I
> tried changing netsend to sendOSC and netrecieve to
> dumpOSC but it doesnt
> allow me to connect
> you wouldnt know the problem no?
> cheers for the help anyway
> Adrian
> On a single machine you can use "localhost" or
> "" for the address.
> The port number can be any number up to 65535 that
> isn't being used for
> something else, which in practice usulally means a
> number above 1024 (http
> uses 80, ftp uses 21, etc...). Examples often use
> 9999. You could also use
> netsend and netreceive (see attachments) if you
> don't need the OSC namespace
> stuff. That way you can send anything at all. If
> nothing happens, remember
> you have to send a connect message first to the send
> object.
>  Martin 
> Adrian deCleir wrote: > sorry about this but Im a
> real begginer with pd and
> OSC , I just want to > perform the simple task of
> sending a note or numbers
> or anything to myself > using OSC, after that I'll
> move on to sending it to
> other pcs on the LAN, > I've went through the
> patches and stuff shich werent
> much help as I dont > fully understand what to do. >
> My question is where do
> I start , from scratch that is, as in how do I find
> > out what port to use
> or what IP address, Im pretty sure I know what IP >
> address to use as its
> written already in my network connection settings, >
> And by the way I do
> know what each object does but I dont know how to >
> implement it, even just
> to send a message to mysel so I'd have an >
> understanding of the basics >
> cheers for any help > Adrian > ps I've looked
> through past posts 
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