[PD] OSC begginer,havent seen any help

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Fri Oct 31 18:15:28 CET 2003

Rory Walsh wrote:
> Sorry this is a little off Adrian's thread but
> speaking of OSC does anyone know if I can download the
> OSC Kit for windows, I can only find one for Mac or
> UNIX? I want to allow Pd to send audio to some of my
> own audio applications and was hoping that adding OSC
> support to my apps could do the trick? Or am I missing
> the whole concept of the OSC Protocol? 
OSC is for control messages. It's like MIDI but with an infinity of 
possible messages. Straight audio samples would not be an appropriate 
use of it though. As I said before, netsend and netreceive will do the 
same thing. OSC adds a layer of addressing and typechecking, but the 
addresses and types you send are up to you.

A Windows version is here:


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