[PD] Sensors

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Oct 31 17:48:47 CET 2003

[apologies if this goes thru twice!]

with this in mind, on the higher tech side, i might suggest sonar, which
can be done with several sonar transmitters and one receiver connected
to a 96 KHz sound card, or motion tracking, which can be done with a
cheap USB webcam connected to any computer. Johannes Taelman uses a
LinuXBox [cost +/- 200 EUR] and PDP to do the job. nice solution, espc
for installations. see:
for a comprehensive overview of various sensor solutions, including the
ones i just mentioned.

on the lowest tech possibly side, i would point out that simple
triggers, such as buttons, floorplates etc, and also some kind of
variable control [xy, in this case] should be quite riggable by
dissecting an old joystick and using its components, coupled with
whatever joystick object there is in PD [can't recall exact name...].


0 wrote:

>I'm mainly wanting passive sensors, ie. ones that nobody has to wear. But most likely I'll start building things like weight plates for the floor -- probably pretty simple -- and moving from there. Troika Ranch (www.troikaranch.org) uses some sensor that works by a dancer bending it with their arms and legs. That's a bit less passive than I had in mind for my primary interest, but probably is more powerful. Mainly, any sensors that will allow other people to interact with an installation in an informal (not mouse/keyboard/monitor) manner.

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