[PD] i had a dream ...

luigi rensinghoff luigi_r001 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 19:12:00 CET 2003

--- Dirk Koritnik <dk at schwingkreise.de> wrote:
> ... this morning:
> in that dream there was my good old 700 mhz win
> desktop pc
> with a linux installed and a fine running pd with
> gridflow and gem running
> like hell on it... ... but, ups, wait.. linux.?.
> after so many days and 
> nights spending
> in front of this mysthical pinguin, with the feeling
> of never understood 
> less about
> computers than in that moment ?  try again to
> discover the unknown 
> depths of your comp ?
> spending weeks for figuring out why your hardware
> dont work ? be 
> horrorfied by a monster
> called unix ? hmmm. YES
> i think its a good winter to wake up the pinguin
> again and try to learn 
> something
> usefull ....
> ok heres my question to all the experts and freaks:
> please help
> , which linux you would prefer ? the goal is to run
> pd/gridflow (oh how 
> wonderfull it could be) etc.
> and to learn about linux ? debian, mandrake, suse,
> red hat and i heard 
> about a special multimedie linux, but
> forgot its name. tell me ...
> , where can i find good instructions for a weak win
> user, who wants to 
> experience all this compiling stuff etc ?
> , is there a tutorial or something which can bring
> me to my goal, step 
> by step  ? (ok, surly not available, the install
> linux/pd tutorial for 
> dummies)
> in one sentence, i am looking for a guru who leads
> me through the dark 
> path of personal operating systems..
> thanx for reading


That sounds very familiar. i just went through that
and its really hard, anyway i dont know GEM but my pd
is running, with a Hammerfall DSP Card, which was the
most complicated card of all  i think.

So whenever you want to ask, ask !!

It is going to be a long, long way ........

The very first thing to start with is with the
partitions or do you want to use separate HD's ???

BTW: Where do you live and what is your interest ??

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