[PD] i had a dream ...

Dirk Koritnik dk at schwingkreise.de
Fri Oct 31 16:40:44 CET 2003

... this morning:

in that dream there was my good old 700 mhz win desktop pc
with a linux installed and a fine running pd with gridflow and gem running
like hell on it... ... but, ups, wait.. linux.?. after so many days and 
nights spending
in front of this mysthical pinguin, with the feeling of never understood 
less about
computers than in that moment ?  try again to discover the unknown 
depths of your comp ?
spending weeks for figuring out why your hardware dont work ? be 
horrorfied by a monster
called unix ? hmmm. YES

i think its a good winter to wake up the pinguin again and try to learn 
usefull ....

ok heres my question to all the experts and freaks:

please help

, which linux you would prefer ? the goal is to run pd/gridflow (oh how 
wonderfull it could be) etc.
and to learn about linux ? debian, mandrake, suse, red hat and i heard 
about a special multimedie linux, but
forgot its name. tell me ...

, where can i find good instructions for a weak win user, who wants to 
experience all this compiling stuff etc ?

, is there a tutorial or something which can bring me to my goal, step 
by step  ? (ok, surly not available, the install linux/pd tutorial for 

in one sentence, i am looking for a guru who leads me through the dark 
path of personal operating systems..

thanx for reading

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