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Dirk Koritnik hat gesagt: // Dirk Koritnik wrote:

> , which linux you would prefer ? the goal is to run pd/gridflow (oh
> how wonderfull it could be) etc.  and to learn about linux ? debian,
> mandrake, suse, red hat and i heard about a special multimedie
> linux, but forgot its name. tell me ...
> , where can i find good instructions for a weak win user, who wants
> to experience all this compiling stuff etc ?

I do prefer Debian, but I'm strange. Any Linux distribution will be
able to run Pd and very probably also Gridflow. You shouldn't so much
care about the best distribution for audio/multimedia, but the best
distribution for you in general. 

Here's a nice and detailed document for setting up semipro-audio on

The Planet CCRMA (pronounced Karma) is a good start, too: 

But these things are more important:

You want to read a good book on Linux in general, like the one by
Kofler. Should be cheap, if you don't buy the newest printing, but
instead look on ebay or such. But any book on Linux will do, just read
it. There are free downloadable books on http://www.tldp.org/ Read at
least something like this: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/

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Buy your hardware with care. Make double sure, that everything
important is supported in principle before trying to install Linux.
Check your hardware with a Knoppix CD distro.

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