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marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
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well, to join that discussion,

let me say,

poor is not really a good argument talking about an instrument. the better
music you make, the better instruments you will use. if you are poor in the
beginning (students) you will want to access a stradivary as soon as you can
effort it... (and the Stradivary is actually waiting for good musicians)

so the only reason to use Pd instead of MAX would be, that it offers more
features to create your music and art in any way. who can tell it does?. I
think each single evolution to make it more playable is a step into the
right direction. If it has to many presets, then it would handicap your
creativity, but Pd is miles away from that, MAX I think is also. Making life
easier is not an original sin...

Useability is really an important point! open source or not, in the end a
musician wants to use the software and not to create it. And if someone
spends years on developing software, why shouldnt he/she be paid for that???

I would pay money for my Stradivary... But more I want a Stradivary to be


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> On Sun, Nov 02, 2003 at 04:37:21PM +0100, Thomas Grill wrote:
> > Have you ever had a look at the PD internals?
> Yes I did, and I submitted a change a few years ago.
> > You will easily find that everything is open but nothing
> > is documented and as long you haven't spent months on trying
> > to understand what's going on, you won't notice much of a
> > difference between PD and Max in this respect.
> The source code being easy to read is not a key factor for choosing
> free software.
> > If one is willing to dig into it, one can have great benefits,
> > but my experience tells me that it's not what most people using
> > real-time-systems are interested about.
> There cannot be only users, and some people like you are also programmers,
> and some of them are not even interested by users.
> > What concerns programming externals, documentation is available for
> > both systems. If you compared just the quality of overall documentation
> > the choice would be simple enough.
> Very simple because it's possible to document PD, and also flext. ;-)
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> Marc
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