[PD] open/close patch

David NG McCallum david2003 at mentalfloss.ca
Mon Nov 3 13:23:50 CET 2003


Take a look at the Pd internal messages 
<http://pd.iem.at/pdwiki/index.php?PdInternalMessages>. The zip file 
linked at the top of the page contains pretty useful patches for 
learning how to use them.

Anyway, the point is that there are "open" (and I think "close") 
messages that you can use on patches.

Take a looksie.


. David McCallum
.  Music wants to be free
. http://mentalfloss.ca/sintheta

tdunstan wrote:
> hi crew.
> i was just wondering if anybody has made a patch that can be used to 
> open and close other patches one after each other on the fly. i want to 
> be able to do a whole performance without touching my mouse and using 
> just assigned midi controlers but a have lots of patches for different 
> pieces.
> cheers
> tom.

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