[PD] PD and Midi - some questions

David NG McCallum david2003 at mentalfloss.ca
Mon Nov 3 14:08:12 CET 2003

Multiple ports:
In the command line when you run Pd you can specify more than 4 devices 
by using the commands -midiindev 1,2,3,4,5 etc... and -midioutdev. Run 
"pd.exe -listdev" to get the device numbers. Also read the manual, it 
talks about this.

Ports vs. channels:
Pd's channel system works that the first device has MIDI channels 1-16, 
the second device has has channels 17-32, etc. The order of the devices 
depends on what order you specify them in the command line (or, I guess, 
using the new MIDI device menu).

MIDI time clock:
There are two native timeclock objects. One is [midirealtimein], and I 
can't remember the name of the other one. There's no documentation on 
them, but search the pd-list's history, this topic's been brought up 
several times.


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Harald Wiltsche wrote:
> 1) is it possible to use more than 4 midi-ports? in the media-menue there
> are only four possible ports.
> 2) if i use notein or noteout i´m only able to specify a midi channel but
> not a midi port. using midiin or midiout object causes trouble: while
> creating these object, pd tells me that these objects are only inplemented
> in linux. but the midiin object does exactly the same as the notein object.
> problems come up when i try to send the output of the midiin object to the
> input of the midiout object. in this case pd tells me that in osx
> byte-by-byte midi transmission is not implemented... osx? i use win2k!
> so is there any possibility to transmit midi-data via midiin and midiout on
> specified ports?
> 3) is there a midiclock-object?

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