[PD] PD and Midi - some questions

Harald Wiltsche wiltsche at mur.at
Sun Nov 2 18:49:55 CET 2003

hi all,

i´ve tried to connect pd with my midi gear and have some questions
concerning this topic:
first, my setup is: pd.37, win 2k and an emagic amt8 midiinterface

1) is it possible to use more than 4 midi-ports? in the media-menue there
are only four possible ports.
2) if i use notein or noteout i´m only able to specify a midi channel but
not a midi port. using midiin or midiout object causes trouble: while
creating these object, pd tells me that these objects are only inplemented
in linux. but the midiin object does exactly the same as the notein object.
problems come up when i try to send the output of the midiin object to the
input of the midiout object. in this case pd tells me that in osx
byte-by-byte midi transmission is not implemented... osx? i use win2k!
so is there any possibility to transmit midi-data via midiin and midiout on
specified ports?
3) is there a midiclock-object?

thanks a lot and regards



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