[PD] ubumenu

doktorp doktorp at mac.com
Sun Nov 2 19:55:37 CET 2003

This is pretty much the point I was making.

why settle with

'PD is open source, PD is better since we know what is going on on a 
deeper level, and no one needs/wants a rich gui featureset'

thats settling for, as far as I am concerned, half finished software.

if you dont like ubumenu, fine! we have a chance to make something 
better, to have alternatives, and to dictate where the project goes.

or, we can stop right now.

and btw, the elitist comment was to just incite some responses.

glad it worked and got a discussion going.



On Nov 2, 2003, at 10:25 AM, Thomas Grill wrote:

> That has already been discussed many times and i guess everyone has 
> his own
> opinion on that. Probably some people are even satisfied with the 
> status
> quo.
> These are the points that i consider missing in the first place and 
> these
> are also the fields that i've been working on for the last several 
> months
> - a GUI system that is feature-rich and responsive enough for ergonomic
> performance interfaces.
> - a presetting and automation system
> - dynamic patch management including poly~-like functionality, 
> controllable
> by a script language (a la Supercollider)

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