[PD] ubumenu

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 3 20:16:58 CET 2003

doktorp hat gesagt: // doktorp wrote:

> Ill take note not to mention max/msp since it seems to be such a heated 
> topic. But realize it is where a lot of users are/will be coming from.

Actually the heat came up when you wrote this: 
"oh wait, sorry,I guess we all are supposed to be elitist"
There's no problem with mentioning Max here. A lot of Pd users used
Max before and are trying to get comfortable with Pd from a Max
perspective. They get helped generally. 

Personally I didn't miss that ubumenu-thingie yet, but I had never
used Max when I learned Pd so I'm quite confortable with remembering
object names or looking into /usr/lib/pd/extra/ (another argument
against external libraries, btw.)

A question, though: Does this ubumenu also include abstactions?

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