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Mon Nov 3 21:19:33 CET 2003

Aha, now my missing emails come in from the void to confuse and 
obfuscate the conversation.

Like I said, the elitist dig was just to stir up the dirt. Im familiar 
enough with mailing lists and whatnot to know how to get a response. Ok 
sorry, it was a bit devious. *rubs hands together*. 'Forget max' 
spurred me to incite some fires. and that comment was directed at miso, 
not everyone.

As far as ubumenu functionality is concerned, you can do a few things, 
namely: insert a list to the ubumenu. Upon selection it outputs the 
index, the string of the item chosen, and a dumpout, in 3 outputs. You 
can enable/disable items in the list (they become faded + 
non-selectable etc). It has various niceties like other modes of 
operation, like acting as a button/toggle, you can set the item/index 
with a message, force it to dump its current selection, etc etc.
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But the real nice thing about it (esp when max was in OS 9) is that it 
was non-interrupting. it drew a window that seemed like a menu. this 
would not cause stutters in jitter/msp playback. But that was a 
multitasking deficiency of OS 8/9.

Anyway not to drag this on.... =).

A nice common relatively full gui featureset im sure, would benefit 

And I didnt mean to say PD is 'half done' in a manner to disrespect it. 
Im a glass is half full kind of guy. it means to me "we havent even 
seen half of what it can do (and ive seen about, what, 1/37th?)"
Ok enough rambling.

Thanks everyone for the input.

On Nov 3, 2003, at 2:16 PM, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Hallo,
> doktorp hat gesagt: // doktorp wrote:
>> Ill take note not to mention max/msp since it seems to be such a 
>> heated
>> topic. But realize it is where a lot of users are/will be coming from.
> Actually the heat came up when you wrote this:
> "oh wait, sorry,I guess we all are supposed to be elitist"
> There's no problem with mentioning Max here. A lot of Pd users used
> Max before and are trying to get comfortable with Pd from a Max
> perspective. They get helped generally.
> Personally I didn't miss that ubumenu-thingie yet, but I had never
> used Max when I learned Pd so I'm quite confortable with remembering
> object names or looking into /usr/lib/pd/extra/ (another argument
> against external libraries, btw.)
> A question, though: Does this ubumenu also include abstactions?
> ciao
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