Performance organizing [Was: Re: [PD] open/closing patch]

Luke Yelavich luke at
Tue Nov 4 00:34:49 CET 2003

At 09:18 AM 4/11/2003, Frank Barknecht wrote:
>Was this patch used for several pieces in those 20 minutes? At home I
>tend to use several patches, more like one patch per track. But this
>is hard to get on stage (not that I used Pd on stage yet), because you
>have to deal with loading times and possibly interruptions. So I
>wonder, if people tend to build special performance patches, how they
>cope with tracks that need highly different material.

Yes. The patch was basically an audio and MIDI router. I was using Pd with 
JACK, and had one keyboard's audio into the computer, and ZynAddSubFX acked 
into Pd as well. The sounds on the keyboard weren't being changed, but I 
was using the programme change ability on the other keyboard to send Pd 
messages to change the sound that ZynAddSubFX was playing, by simply 
changing the channel the MIDI data was sent to.

The ZynAddSubFX patch was set up with the various sounds I wanted to 
receive on different channels.

I ended up having problems with this, as ZynAddSubFX kept on zombifying, as 
a JACK client. But that was the theory.

I intend to go back and see if I can make it work a bit more stable, and it 
would be handy if I still had the patch...

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