[PD] open/closing patch

Michal Seta mis at creazone.32k.org
Tue Nov 4 03:51:49 CET 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 14:55, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Please tell your secrets, enlighten us!

In some of the shows my performance consists of very diversified pieces
for which I use different software:  ecasound, pd (different patches),
terminatorX, freqtweak.  Not all of them together, though.

I basically have a jack server running and everything plugs and unplugs
from Jack (I run tX with jacklaunch but apparently a new version is
jackified?).  The whole thing is orchestrated by RTmix.  Some things
load faster, others slower so sometimes there is a little gap between
pieces but usually it isn't a problem.  Sometimes I mange to overlap 2
things.  Sometimes I use up to 3 guitars (no, not at the same time) so
the loading time of patches is roughly equivalent to the time of
changing the instrument.

I call the apps with all necessary command line switches so I don't have
to tweak anything once the app is open.

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