[PD] Joystick.pd

L Hyland hylandl at forwind.net
Tue Nov 4 11:00:41 CET 2003

Hi there,
Has anyone tried using the external, joystick.pd? If so would you be so kind
as to check out the details of my failed attempts below and tell what Im
doing wrong?
Im running on Win2000. The joystick Im using is a Logitech Wingman Extreme
Okay - I'm certain the joystick is working as I've used it with a little
app. called DInput which allows me to test it and it seems to be fine.
I copied both the .pd and the .dll to my extra folder in the pd directory;
Where should I place the .cpp and the 'makefile' or does it matter? At the
moment they are in their own folder in the pd directory...
I have tried opening the joystick external within pd by going
file>open>joystick.pd. This brings up the patch but its not responding at
all to the joystick. However, the external does seem to be loading as in the
shell I see the

joystick object loaded <J. Sarlo>
using joystick 1
configuring joystick:
    found 3 axes
    found 6 buttons

Any suggestions? Do I need to connect the joystick object up to any other
object in order to get it working?
Please do state the obvoius - Im still a novice at this!
Any help much appreciated.


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