[PD] Joystick.pd

Johannes Taelman j0 at advalvas.be
Wed Nov 5 14:55:35 CET 2003

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> This is nice, but a PSX or any joypad/-stick pad has a much higher
> resolution than midi control data. 
> I happily use a PSX pad through USB on my Laptop for Pd with J. Sarlos
> external. I have no idea, why it isn't working at Laura's machine,
> though. It should report something to its outlets, but it seems it
> doesn't...

I've been using the xbox gamepad (on xbox-linux, but I think it's 
adaptable to plain USB with simple rewiring). It's an especially 
flexible controller. The 6 pushbuttons are continuous pressure 
sensitive. And its 2 joysticks have buttons. And the joysticks do not 
have a dead zone in the middle. I had to change some constants in J. 
Sarlos external not to make it crash on the 14 axes of this controller.

I still have to check the wireless xbox gamepad clone from Logitech. If 
it is as good as the xpad, it could be an interesting base for wireless 


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