[PD] Syncgrain~ (and Joystick)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Nov 6 20:08:11 CET 2003

L Hyland hat gesagt: // L Hyland wrote:

> Thanks for the info on using the PSX instead. I'll shamelessly admit that I
> want the quickfix though ... plus I dont have a PSX
> However, did manage to get joystick working using my usual sophisticated
> trick of reinstalling everything and starting again.

Great. (You don't actually need a PSX, it's just a gamepad like any
other USB-gamepad, if used with an adapter. I happen to have several
PSX pads here, that's why I'm using them.)

> On another note, I want to use Syncgrain~; I read that I need SndObj library
> and flext. I presume I put SndObj in the lib directory but where should I
> put flext?

You only need SndObj and flext, if you want to compile it yourself or
if the external you get is "dynamically linked". Compiling can be
tricky, though, depending on your experience in that area and the
tools at hand. Regarding locations: flext is generally put into
"pd/flext" I'm not sure, which "lib" directory you mean.

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