[PD] New to PD - Object lists?

Umiachi umiachi at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 9 03:17:30 CET 2003


I'm new to pd, but have been working with object
oriented enviroments like this for quite sometime.
Everything seems simple enough, now that I've read the
foundation of operation's guide on Miller's site, but
I've still got one nagging question:

Where is a list of the available modules for use?

Maybe I'm overlooking the obvious, as I'm not in my
studio or near my g4 at the moment (running .36 on
osx), but I figured the question could be floating in
these ethers till I have the option of hunting such a
list down. 

Secondly, are there any instrument creation tutorials
out on the net (or hidden with the software) aside
from the basics mentioned in Miller's guide (which is
the only documentation I'm aware of at the moment)?
I've seen the drum synth tutorial on the wiki, but
that's not quite what I need (I use hardware modulars
for drums anyhow). My interest in the program 
primarily encompasses sample manipulation, granular
resynthesis, fft filtering, and effect creation (not
for stand alone though, that's what pluggo 3.1 is
for.. when it is released in a week or so for os x). A
basic synth construction tutorial would be nice to
ease into the work flow, but anything sampler related
would be far more my speed (maybe a wavetable or
look-up synth program?)..

Is it possible to create vst effects to be hosted in
cubase via PD? Just curious on that point, I would
assume no.

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