[PD] pd tutorial, help !

Andre Schmidt huolong at arcor.de
Sun Nov 9 17:49:11 CET 2003

hello pd-community,

as some of you may know, i'm working on a (comprehensive) tutorial/manual that conserns on installing, launching and using pd.

as i don't know (not so good to write about it) how to install and launch pd on linux or osx, i would love to have some URLs about these points and i put the links in the document. or, if you want to write a chapter about these points for the document, let me know !.

and here a few more questions i have:

1. what would be the "minimum requirements" for a "smooth" operation of pd ? (i tested with my old 90Mhz laptop and that was too slow)

2. does Pd run on windows95 ?

3. pd uses TCP/IP for communication between GUI and "core" ,right? (i had a Personal Firewall "ZoneAlarm" running and the GUI of pd was VERY slow. does someone know more about this?)

i would also like to know any tips/notes/tricks on installing, launching or using pd that you may have !

to not to flood this list, you can mail me direct at huolong at arcor.de

btw. the document is named: "The PureA-B-C-Data" ;)


ps. if you're want to know, i'm doing the document with open-office and will export it to html and pdf.

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