[PD] Newbie tcp/ip

Guillermo Acevedo ga368 at nyu.edu
Sun Nov 9 20:13:33 CET 2003

Hello oh great and wise list
I am a newbie to PD (using the latest PD extended windows version on win2k) and I'm trying to get PD to talk to Proce55ing (alpha 67).
I'm using the netsend object, but cant seem to make it work.
I know that netsend actually connects to a server, the server acknowledges the connection, but then never recieves any of the numbers netsend sends it.
I sniffed the connection with ethereal and saw that PD is not sending actual TCP IP packets but NDPS (Novell Distributed Print System) packets.
So, any idea what I'm doing wrong?
any suggestions?

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