[PD] recording to soundfiles with Pd

julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net
Mon Nov 10 13:11:32 CET 2003


I would like to record some pieces performed with Pure Data to sound files.

I have Pure Data, Nuendo and an Hammerfall sound card.
The whole recording process must be internal to the computer (no DA->AD 
conversions, for example). I have found 2 recording methods but none of these 
work ...

* Using the soundfiler object in Pd 
Soundfiler writes the data of an array to a soundfile, therefore I have to 
record the sound to arrays (working like tracks) before converting the arrays 
to soundfiles.

Unfortunately my pieces last about 10 minutes, so I will obviously have a RAM 

I know that in Max/MSP, you can record directly to the hard disk. Isn't it 
possible with Pure Data ?
Or should I use an external that does this (under Windows for this session) ?

* Using Nuendo and the RME Hammerfall
Seems to be a better solution, but as I'm quite new to the ASIO technology (my 
previous sound card, Yamaha DSP Factory, had its own driver technology), I just 
didn't get it work ...

When I run both Nuendo and Pd, all sounds are shut off ; Pd was launched using 
only 2 asio tracks
Obviously an ASIO problem

Maybe it would be possible to route the ASIO tracks of Pd to 2 other asio 
tracks, but I don't know howto, even using the Matrix view of the Hammerfall

Is there a solution ? Maybe a Jack-like routing program ?

Thanks a lot

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