[PD] os x and internal midi devices?

X. J. Scott xjscott at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 11 08:33:40 CET 2003

on 11/10/03 3:49 AM, Chris Madak wrote:

> so...i've been using pd 0.37 in os x, and trying to send midi to
> "notein" from steim's "junXion" application, which maps input from usb
> game controllers to midi control.  the problem is that, whereas all
> other midi-related software i've used automatically recognizes "junXion
> port 1" as an input when the program is running, "-listdev" doesn't
> come up with anything, and thus, i've been unable to get any sort of
> midi input at all, because i have no idea how to set the "-mididev"
> flags, or whether there's a larger problem at work.
> any thoughts/advice?  would this have anything to do with junXion being
> an internal (software) device?

Thanks Chris for calling attention to this.

This is my bug - I just fixed it for you and sent the fix to Miller. The
next 37 test release will hopefully include the fix and you will see junXion
appear when you -listdev -- I have it working here and junXion 1.0's two
ports show up fine with the fix. So, hang in there and soon you'll be able
to have it work.

The fix will also enable interapplication communication with pd in general,
enabling everyone to drive pd with their sequencer or other app if desired.

- Jeff

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