[PD] recording to soundfiles with Pd

a.woldhek at kpn.com a.woldhek at kpn.com
Mon Nov 10 14:08:52 CET 2003

hi Julien,

>When I run both Nuendo and Pd, all sounds are shut off ; Pd was launched
>only 2 asio tracks
>Obviously an ASIO problem

One possible workaround is to not use ASIO but i.e. direct sound in Nuendo.
Then set the ASIO output on the hammerfal to the rec in of the Direct sound
drivers (im not familiar with the layout of the Hammerfall, only with the
Kx-project drivers for EMu 10k1 chips series Soundcards (liek Creative Live
cards. (which also has a matrix like structure).

Or the other way around. You could select the direct sound and redirect that
to the Asio inputs on Nuendo. 
Im not 100% sure that this will prevent any Ad/Da conversion but if the
drivers are written well it should (and i assume the hammerfall drivers are
pretty good with their excellent rep).


ps Im new to PD and this group so this is also my first post and me saying
hi to everybody else here

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