[PD] Pd minimum requirements

huolong at arcor.de huolong at arcor.de
Tue Nov 11 12:47:50 CET 2003

hi list,

i first thought on making the tutorial/manual only for windows, but as the chapter-C will cover the usage of Pd (will be huge) and that is allmost 100% compatible with any OS, so i thought i make the install and launch chapter also for linux and osx.

for starters, i could use some help on defining the "minimum requirements" for Pd. please correct these points where you can:

Microsoft Windows
- Windows 98 (i don't think we need to mention win95)
- 300 Mhz (if someone can test this, let me know if it's too slow)
- 64 mb ram (should be enough)
- 20 mb free on harddisk (maybe we could spare this point)
- TCP/IP Protocol
- Audio card (optional: for audio input/output)
- MIDI card/device (optional: for MIDI input/output)
- OpenGl compatible graphic card (optional: for GEM)
- Video card/device (optional: for GEM, video input/output)

well, it's not quite logical to mention that multimedia devices are "optional" for Pd, but you can use Pd for "normal" programming too...

Macintosh OSX
- osx version ?
- ? mhz
- ? mb ram
- ? mb free on harddisk
- TCP/IP Protocol
- ?

- hardware same as windows ?
- depencies ?
- gcc version ?
- kernel issues ?
- ?

IRIX (do we need this?)
- ?

question: Pd does audio signal processing even if you don't have an audio card ?
(just input and output are not available ?)

ps. as usual, you can mail me direct at huolong at arcor.de

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