[PD] Re: pure-data.org downloads

L Hyland hylandl at forwind.net
Wed Nov 12 08:54:19 CET 2003

> I think it should be good practice everywhere users upload something,
> to try to download it once afterwards. Then the user would've seen
> that something must have gone wrong.

here, here...
I have just had this problem with the syncgrain~ external  I was whinging
about all last week.
The  ~  was missing in the .dll file I downloaded (from www.audionerd.com)
and therefore wasn't working. I know this is undoubtedly very obvious to
more seasoned pders but for someone still cluelessly weaning themselves off
commercial software it's not; even if it were, mucking about with files that
one assumes to be 'in order' is normally not advisable as the chances of
wreaking even more havoc are high... The 'download once test' would save a
lot of hair-tearing and would probably also result in less people like
myself clogging up the mailing list with irratating questions!


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