[PD] compile errors on linux

Wade McDaniel pdman at aproximation.org
Wed Nov 12 21:28:43 CET 2003

Does anyone get this error?
s_audio_pa.c: In function `pa_listdevs':
s_audio_pa.c:248: warning: implicit declaration of function `Pa_GetDefaultInputDevice'
s_audio_pa.c:250: warning: implicit declaration of function `Pa_GetDefaultOutputDevice'
I renamed portaudio_v18 to portaudio because the install scripts were looking for../portaudio/pablio/pablio_pd.h, or something along thoes lines, and the compile would crash.
I got pd-0.37.0-test4 and it built fine, but when I ask it to open a new project it does nothing. I cant quit or anything. Could it be becuase I tried to bypas
some tcl/tk memmory problems on linux by using a patched version of tcl/tk I got from the net?
Any help?
Thanks a bunch!

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