[PD] converting audio-nujmbers in PD

doktorp doktorp at mac.com
Thu Nov 13 03:02:40 CET 2003

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fiddle~ ? bonk~ ?
On Nov 12, 2003, at 8:25 PM, Todd Goodenow wrote:

> I want to be able to do a few tasks:
> 1. take the frequency of an audio in on my DA card and
> convert it to controller data or any numbers that
> could controll the frequency of a pd oscillator (freq.
> tracking)
> 2. do the same with amplitude
> 3. use any other data I could ring out of audio to
> control pd functions (perhaps attack rate, waveform,
> etc).
> 4. divide frequency into bands which could seperately
> trigger and control samples and their
> frequency/amplitude/etc.
> basically I would like to use voice as a midi
> controller, use audio as an interactive sensor

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