[PD] makerule for pd-gui on unix/linux?

tigital tigital at mac.com
Thu Nov 13 21:46:00 CET 2003


...I'm trying an experimental compile of pd on OSX, but instead of 
using TCL/TKAqua, I'd like to use the fink tcl/tk, which uses the X11 
window manager (but keep the coreaudio stuff)...I think I've got most 
of the stuff changed that I need to in the source (specifically, 
s_inter.c, t_main.c, and t_tkcmd.c), but I had problems with configure, 
so I took the OSX makefile and replaced the -frameworks stuff with 
-I/sw/include and -L/sw/lib (which is where tcl/tk lives in 
fink)...unfortunately, on OSX the makefile rule for pdtcl isn't what I 
want, so I need to know how this is done in linux/unix makefiles...


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