[PD] latency

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Sat Nov 15 18:52:12 CET 2003

I've managed to get it down to 15ms on a g4 1ghz powerbook with a motu828mkII .. but nothing below that.  12ms almost works.. but 10 and under are a complete mess.

is this because of portaudio on os x? or is there something i can do about it?  i know that the motu will do 3-4ms with max/msp and reaktor, but not with pd.  


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> Date: 2003/11/15 Sat AM 08:58:08 EST
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> Subject: [PD] latency
> dear list,
> who managed to run pd with less than 30 msec of latency?
> how do you do that?
> i tried:
> osx on a g3 pismo (~500MHz)
> osx on a g3 pismo (~500MHz) using an rme/hdsp
> win2k on a P4 2.5GHz using asio and an rme/hdsp
> and nothing less than 30msec!
> thanks for any replies!
> peter_p
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