[PD] running -rt-flag as non root with Jack ???

luigi rensinghoff luigi_r001 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 16 15:42:22 CET 2003

--- CK <x at meta.lo-res.org> wrote:
> I read:
> > could somebody please tell me, if there is a way
> to run run pd with -rt as 
> > a user without root privileges and how to set it
> up (on linux, of course)?
> chmod 4755 /usr/local/bin/pd
> x

OK !

I have a question concerning the rt-flag

I am running pd 0.37 with Jack as a user and i cannot
get root-privileges on Jack.

I am searching for the source of thousand clicks and
glitches and was thinking if it has to do with that.

So how can i get the -R flag in Jack working as a
USER, since i cannot run Jack as root and PD as a
USER, right ??

I have a RME Hammerfall DSP running and i want to use
8 channels out, which works ! With Jackserver !

Maybe Jackserver is not necessary and i can run just
alsa, but i think that did not work. Where there made
any changes or tests meanwhile ???

Cheers Luigi

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