[PD] streamin~ / streamout~ format

Marc Lavallée odradek at videotron.ca
Sun Nov 16 20:14:55 CET 2003

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 07:55:37PM +0100, guenter geiger wrote:

> As Olaf already pointed out, JACK and ALSA is very linux specific, 
> but the solution we come up should be crossplatform.

I understand, but I'm mostly interested in using sound applications on 
Linux that can handle the Unix stdin/out mechanism. Maybe with cygwin it 
would be possible to do the same on Windows. It would work on MacOSX.
Maybe streaming throught stdin/out is a bad idea... Any opinions?

> I think we would have to search around the web for existing solutions
> (like CStream etc.), then take a look at them and decide if we can reuse
> them.

Cstream is a general purpose streaming tool. We could add translation 
routines from the streamin/out~ formats to RAW or WAV.

But is there some sort of standard audio streaming protocol out there?


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