[PD] latency

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Mon Nov 17 16:40:27 CET 2003

Frank Barknecht schrieb:
> And what about dsp externals? They shouldn't be allowed non-reatime
> safe taskes inside their signal functions as well, should they?

Since Pd is not threaded _nothing_ should take an unpredictable amount
of time. There are several places where these criteria is not met in Pd:
data exchange with the GUI, netsend / netreceive objects (blocking
network calls), soundfiler object, some CPU intensive array drawing
stuff and some more.
It's quite important to note that even control (non-tilde) objects can
take too long to complete their calculations. That's usually not an
issue because these objects are only used from time to time (i.e. not in
every DSP cycle) but when aiming for low latencies we'll sooner or later
run into problems here....


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