[PD] Pd in white on black

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Nov 18 03:15:14 CET 2003

The Kzrysztof's toxy objects could definitely do this, they can control
any aspect of the GUI which some basic Tcl commands.

They are in CVS, the MacOS X installer, and here:


They actually are quite amazing, you can contrrol any aspect of Pd's GUI
with them, and do other really cool things.  I've almost finished what i
call 'xp4pd', short for extreme programming for Pd.  It consists of a
client and a server, and multiple people can edit the same patch in
realtime.  That patch will run locally on each machine, only the control
data is going over the network, so it should be quite responsive.


On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Claudius Maximus wrote:

> I find the large white expanse of Pd on my CRT rather hard on my eyes.
> Is there a way to make Pd render in white with a black background 
> instead of in black with a white background?
> Even better would be to make Pd use the colours defined in the OS 
> preferences.
> I'm using Windows and have most applications I use set up to render in 
> white with a black background, it would be great to have Pd able to do 
> this too.
> Claude
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