[PD] pix_video not working in Linux

Mirko Petrovich prab at terra.cl
Tue Nov 18 07:33:49 CET 2003

Hi all

I downloaded GEM from cvs (2003-11-15) and pix_video doesn't work for my 
saa7134 (V4L2) capture-card. IIRC it worked well in some 0.87 cvs 
snapshots, and after that (0.87 release) it never worked again for more 
than 10 seconds. When using pix_video I get a lot of *GEM: pix_video: do 
video for this OS* in the console and messages doesn't work :

error: pix_video: no method for 'channel'
error: pix_video: no method for 'mode'
error: pix_video: no method for 'norm'

When using pix_videoLinux with pix_rgba (because I get *error: Gem: pix 
object cannot handle RGB image*)  I get the following:

cap: name LifeView FlyVIDEO2000 type 47 channels 4 maxw 720 maxh 480 
minw 48 minh 32

picture: brightness 32896 depth 17332 palette 4

vcap.channels 4
channel 0 name Television type 1 flags 1
channel 1 name Composite1 type 2 flags 0
channel 2 name Composite2 type 2 flags 0
channel 3 name S-Video type 2 flags 0
buffer size 3981312, frames 3, offset 0 1327104

frame 0 0, format 4, width 128, height 64

GEM: pix_video: Opened video connection F
vmmap 832E0CC

but no image , only a white rectangle.
I tried sending the following messages : channel 2, norm NTSC, mode NTSC 
2 , driver 0 , device 0 also I tried pix_videoNEW but still no image. My 
capture card is working well with pdp, so in the meantime I'm using 
pdp_v4l -> pdp2gem -> GEM. but pdp2gem eats all my cpu.
I hope someone knows what is happening here.
Thanks for your time and excuse my confuse mail.

PD. the new Pixes objects are awesome !!!

Mirko Petrovich


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