[PD] pix_video not working in Linux

Mirko Petrovich prab at terra.cl
Tue Nov 18 23:33:29 CET 2003

Hi, thanks for your reply

IOhannes zmoelnig wrote:


> on linux you should rather use [pix_videoNEW], because i submit all my 
> changes to this rather than [pix_videoLinux].
> anyhow, this doesn't make it work. 

> just a guess: the image is captured correctly but it is not textured. 
> ([pix_draw] might produce the same result)
> for validation try to use [pix_pix2sig~] and [pix_sig2pix~] to 
> transform the captured image into signal-space and back again. do you 
> see anything but white  (might be not very satisfactory) ? (don't 
> forget to turn the audio-engine on...) 

you're right, using [pix_videoNEW], [pix_pix2sig~] and [pix_sig2pix~]  I 
see the captured image !!
Is this a [pix_texture] issue ?

> if so, what could it be ?
> a) your gfx-card
> b) the [pix_texture] code
> which gfx-card are you using (driver) ? 

It's a nvidia tnt2 and I'm using the driver "nvidia" from nvidia.com

> system-specs (kernel, distribution (is it gentoo ?),...)

RH8, kernel 2.4.21 with low latency patch and v4l2 patch.

Thanks again

Mirko Petrovich

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