[PD] Particlechamber: a 32-voice asynchronous granular synthesizer

derek at x-i.net derek at x-i.net
Tue Nov 18 12:31:22 CET 2003

hi erich,

i am using freeverb~ under linux right now. you will have to compile from
source. but i just checked, and the sources aren't there correctly... only
binaries for win, mac and irix. i tried a bit of hacking with the makefile and
the freeverb~.cpp and still no dice!

i think olaf had a source tarball up once, or am i wrong?

also, for the record, the link to his PD stuff is now:

lastly, the reverb section of Particlechamber is quite secondary to the
granulator itself, so you can use it without freeverb~ until we get this source
code thing worked out.


Quoting rat at telecoma.net:

> hi derek,
> i wanted to try out your Pc but cannot find a linux version
> of freeverb~, is Pc just working under windows or am i blind :-) ?
> > The freeverb~ external can be downloaded here:
> > http://www.akustische-kunst.org/puredata/main.html
> thx
> erich

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