[PD] antialiasing etc.

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Tue Nov 18 19:07:16 CET 2003

At 11:04 AM -0500 11/18/03, B. Bogart wrote:
>Hey Chris,
>I can't think of any other gem commands that are all upper-case. In the case
>of pix_set for example RGB is expected to be "rgb". So I think it should be
>changed to lower case.

I'll change it to lowercase.

>The Gem GOPs are getting really interesting for me, if anyone wants to try
>them out they can be downloaded from the abstractions page on pure-data. One
>of the things I'm working on now is a full OSC namespace for all the
>abstrctions, so all values could be set via message interally, or be set and
>sent over network. Once I get regular mac access I'll be pushing up the OSX
>features, and adding more of the new OSX stuff.

Sounds good.  Post as much documentation as you can!

>Is curve3d officially part of 888? I've made a cube abstraction that uses a
>9 point curve surface for each side, creates some very nice geometries.

I guess it's there now as there's no reason it can't be included. 
I'm going to do some research into finding a way to do evaluator type 
manipulations with vertex arrays, so the two can be combined.

>Pain about second-screen on panther, heard anything from apple about this?
>The new macs coming in will all have panther so it could be quite anoying...

The work-around using 'offset' and 'dimen' has been running just fine 
here on 10.3 with no major problems.  There will probably be a 
retooling of the OSX GL setup code at some point, but it's not really 
that urgent - the functionality is still present just the method of 
doing has changed.



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