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'Frank Barknecht' fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 19 17:50:16 CET 2003

Adrian deCleir hat gesagt: // Adrian deCleir wrote:

> Hey, my help patch for sendOSC works, the subject makesymbol is there
> because although I know little about OSC and I gathered that you need
> makesymbol to construct a proper address or something? 

You don't need makesymbol to send OSC messages. makesymbol or
makefilename might come in handy when constructing messages with
variable parts in the middle, though, as the built-in message
concatenation ($1, $2, ... in messages) only works, when the variable
part is at the start of a message. But you can send osc messages
without them, but for example with a message object.

> I just want to get started at sending midi over a LAN using OSC ,
> not sure how to go about it though, I know very little about the
> addressing system that is used,

This probably is important. Who is at the other end of your LAN? The
other end will have to decode your messages in the end. 

Basically you should be able to send (almost) everything over OSC
if it follows the OSC-specification:

The meanings of your messages however depend on what the communication
partners expect or have agreed upon. 

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