[PD] [OT] next Linux kernel and Hammerfall cards

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Thu Nov 20 09:38:28 CET 2003


>well winfried has written the alsa-drivers for the new hdsp (the one with
>64 in/out-channels), and i guess he fixed a lot of bugs with the old
>i am not sure, whether they will make it into the frist

The latest patches (most of them) for the Hammerfall HDSP card was
made by Thomas Charbonnel and who did a great work. The most of the
patches was related to the mixer interface so that his helpers apps
hdspload, hdspmixer and hdspconf (part of the alsa tools) work.

All patches (hopefully) have been applied to alsa-cvs now and therefore
will be in 2.6.x next release (since the alsa-kernel tree in the alsa
cvs is the part going to the kernel and the alsa-drivers for new
applied driver).

Alsa native devices hw:0 ... have only the features the hardware
offers, so pd -alsa dont work it is because the pd part has does not
use NONINTERLEAVED, 32Bit and so on, but hwplug:x,x should work but
will convert in the driver.

jack under linux is known to be the solution, but i also didnt got
very stable solution,... Jack knows of hammerfall but is callback and
also mixing and so on which is not needed all the time.

mfg winfried

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