[PD] gem/win question

emanuel nrsz at chello.at
Fri Nov 21 14:17:18 CET 2003


i'm running pd/gem on a win xp machine and have 2 questions:

 >when i connect a line in signal to my soudcard (auidiogy),  the input 
is sent to the speaker out automatically. due this, it's impossible for 
me to listen to the output of the audio analysis. do you know how i can 
turn this off?

 > im running gem on a geforce4, using one of two monitors for the 
interface, the otherone for the gem output.
to set the gem output on the second monitor, i have to switch the second 
monitor to primary, start pd, pull all the windows to the other monitor, 
and then start gem. when i have to open a subpatch it opens on the 
primary monitor, where gem is running :(

But: when i switch "primary monitor" back to the first monitor while gem 
is running the gem window stays at the second monitor and is still 
working (although i'm no longer able to view the pd windows).
is there a way to send the gem output to the secondary monitor?

thanks, emanuel

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