[PD] 2-D video work with pd in WinXP

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Nov 21 16:21:24 CET 2003

>At 3:07 PM -0700 11/20/03, the wade wrote:
>>OK, I know that pd/pidip is cool for linux 2-D stuff. What about
>>winXP? I was trying to map video onto cubes in gem, but I could not
>>avoid the frame refresh popping.
>You mean tearing - like no vbl sync?  VBL sync is a feature missing
>from the Win32 and Linux versions of GEM, but present (and the
>default setting) in the OSX version (it's literally one line of code
>in OSX).  I think it could be added to both platforms, although I
>don't personally know how to do it.

No, I mean the audio stream being interupted for a screen refresh.
I have a line object move from 0 to the last frame of the movie,
using pix_movie and if I set make [gemwin 30] for example, there is
a 30 Hz clicking in the audio stream.

>>  a 720x480 avi is no texture I think, even with my 512MB ATI 9800
>>and AMD 2600 w/ 1GB ram.
>You have a 512MB 9800!?!  I didn't even know those existed - I'm
>envious.  Anyway, that setup should do at least one stream of 720x480
>no problem.  Have you tried setting the 'frame' message to the
>refresh rate of your montior and then using a counter object to drive
>pix_film playback (in other words don't use 'auto').

Where is the syntax and list of messages for the pix_film object? Will
this help?

>>Whats the tool for windows? (as my linux laptop is pokey with its
>>usb-audio card that doesnt really work well... >100ms latency)
>Well, consider replacing that laptop with a Mac laptop if you are
>desirous of doing real-time video.  All of the current models will do
>at least one DV size stream even the iBooks.  The Powerbooks will do
>two or more depending on the hard disk used.  Both Jamie and I
>develop GEM on Tibooks, so the code is well tested on them.

If theres no x86 64bit machine out by the time the g5's are in laptop
form, then I will get a g5 and put linux on it. I just remember coding
being a pain on Mac's because of the protection of all their
proprietary hardware. Haterid of the black box approach I guess.
Viva open source!

>>Thanks for the help!

Ya, what I said ^

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