[PD] 2-D video work with pd in WinXP

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Fri Nov 21 20:11:10 CET 2003

At 8:21 AM -0700 11/21/03, thewade wrote:
>No, I mean the audio stream being interupted for a screen refresh.
>I have a line object move from 0 to the last frame of the movie,
>using pix_movie and if I set make [gemwin 30] for example, there is
>a 30 Hz clicking in the audio stream.

I see.  That's no damn good, and unfortunately there's nothing that 
can be done about it currently.  Pd blocks audio output when the GEM 
render chain runs.  Threading might help this out if both processes 
were light enough that the CPU could complete them both in the 
designated time period.

>Where is the syntax and list of messages for the pix_film object? Will
>this help?

The help file for pix_film needs updating, but my tutorial covers the 
counter playback method.  You can find it here:

>If theres no x86 64bit machine out by the time the g5's are in laptop
>form, then I will get a g5 and put linux on it. I just remember coding
>being a pain on Mac's because of the protection of all their
>proprietary hardware. Haterid of the black box approach I guess.
>Viva open source!

The only 'black box' issues I've run into on OSX are related to lack 
of documentation of APIs.  I haven't seen any direct evidence that 
this is meant for 'protection of all their proprietary hardware' (x86 
hardware is all proprietary anyway - you or I can't change Asus' 
motherboard design or affect Nvidia's GPUs in any real way - plus 
they own the rights to all of there wares which is the meaning of 
proprietary).  There are benefits with having control over both 
hardware and software as well, and this is no more evident than the 
brilliant CHUD performance tools.  Shark/Shikari has been responsible 
for pointing out nearly every one of GEM's performance problems, and 
in many cases we never would have found these issues without these 
tools.  Intel has VTune for x86, but I don't see an open source set 
of tools that come close to doing what CHUD can do on OSX and PPC.

>  >>Thanks for the help!

Sure, any time.


>Ya, what I said ^
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